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A wrap that you can polish

Unlike vinyle wrap, surface of which degrades over time, OMG Spray-on Wraps actually constructs another real polishable real paint layers.

Which means years later if you want to restore the shine on our wraps, just polish away like you would do with normal paint surfaces.

A wrap that you can polish
Sprayed on - Zero Adhesive

Sprayed on - Zero Adhesive

OMG Wraps does not involve adhesive throughout the whole implementation cycle, from Alpha to Omega.

Multiple layers of wrapping materials are sprayed onto the paint/metal surface with traditional automotive spray painting technique.

The base coat is a layer of proprietary high-polymer material that bonds to the metal surface yet does not penetrate through. It’s super durable, yet still super easy to remove only if intended.

Imagination is the only limit

OMG wraps are NOT constrained to the factory provided colours and finishes like vinyl wrap.

Recreate the most glorious look & feel in the automotive history with any paint code!

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